How Has India Recovered After The 2004 Deadly Tsunami?

The Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) has caused upset in the international community by openly defying aid sanctions. Due to its nuclear program, North Korea is subject to harsh aid sanctions imposed by the international community. The U.S. even recently stopped an aid delivery because of North Koreas defiant rocket tests, which are seem as an attempt to create a nuclear missile. It was recently announced,, however, that the IRCS has ignored the sanctions placed on Korea by sending some 85 tons of aid into the country.

This humanitarian aid cargo apparently contained flour, powdered milk and rice, which was all delivered to the Korean Red Cross. Several recent sizable planned humanitarian aid donations from the international community have been called off at the last minute because of North Koreas continued defiance with regards to nuclear testing and weaponry. Although the world at large wants to help the poor and suffering in the country, the governments of these nations cannot allow aid to be sent. This is because the countrys nuclear policies are seen to be a major threat to the world at large. The ruling power in North Korea, however, does not seem to be bending to the sanctions and continues to enlist foreign scientists with missile experience to further their programs.